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   Advertising in DeSoto Magazine fits into even the strictest business plan. It is a proven fact that consumers often purchase a service or product as a result of having seen it advertised in DeSoto Magazine.

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Magazine Demographics
Everything you want to know about who’s reading DeSoto Magazine.

    DeSoto Magazine is a southern travel and human-interest magazine covering the Mississippi and Memphis area. The magazine describes the people, places and activities of the region. The magazine has departments on nature, regional events, people, fine dining, recreation and home and garden. Feature stories cover the general interest subjects in the region.

    Published since 2004, DeSoto Magazine is revered for the quality of its design and for the depth of its editorial coverage of life in the Southern United States. The magazine is written for residents who embrace the South’s traditions and quality of life, as well as for visitors who consider the South to be their vacation destination of choice because of the recreational amenities. We are published twelve times a year.

    Pass along readership, according to our readers, online magazine readers and subscribers is 40,000. Copies are distributed via a strategic marketing plan and placed on racks throughout high traffic businesses and attractions in Mississippi and Memphis. We also have a large and growing subscription base.

   On average we receive 2 – 5 new subscriptions per week at the rate of $35 per subscription. When you consider the fact that so many readers will pay $35 to have a complimentary magazine sent to their door, that speaks volumes about how much DeSoto Magazine is loved.

*Demographic information is based on individual and subscription readership polls.

Our Readers
Audience –
Based on our most recent reader survey . . . Readers are typically 30-65 year-old married individuals with an average household income of $75–$100,000.

Gender –
70% women- 30% men

DeSoto Magazine readers tend to be well educated.-
– 65% are college graduates or have some college
– 21% hold post-graduate degrees

DeSoto Magazine readers-
33% are professionals
23% are executives or managers
30% own businesses
17% hold technical positions

When asked what they own or plan to buy:
– fashion
– home furnishings
– home improvements
– appliances
– jewelry
– garden/yard equipment
– cars
– real estate
– antiques

DeSoto Magazinereaders are also active in the following:
– 51% shopping
– 35% fitness
– 21% sewing
– 46% fine dining
– 33% traveling
– 72% gardening
– 43% movies

*Demographic information subject to change based upon distribution, readership and subscriber studies.

12 smart reasons why YOU should advertise in DeSoto Magazine!

A Broad Market:
With our large distribution area, your advertisement will reach thousands of Mississippians and other Mid-Southerners.

A Long Shelf Life:
Because of our high standard of quality, readers tend to collect DeSoto Magazine to display in their homes and businesses, referencing them again and again.

Our rates are among the most competitive around. Because we keep our operating costs to a minimum, we are able to pass along the savings to you, our advertisers.

DeSoto Magazine’s advertisers profit from our great track record of branding businesses in the market. Read our testimonials to discover what other advertisers say about DeSoto Magazine.

In quality of design and in sophistication, DeSoto Magazine consistently ranks superior to other local publications. Many first-time readers are shocked, but always more than pleasantly surprised, to discover DeSoto Magazine is completely free, with our compliments.

Strategic Distribution:
DeSoto Magazine is strategically placed and monitored in high traffic areas such as restaurants, banks, doctor’s and dentist’s offices, retailers, salons and other local attractions & businesses. This is our way of insuring that all copies of the DeSoto Magazine are picked up by consumers. This means your ad will be seen.

Interesting Editorial:
DeSoto Magazine is renowned for interesting articles, delicious recipes and brilliant photography. This keeps our readers coming back for more and, as you know, loyal readership keeps your advertising in the forefront.

Readers don’t have to purchase DeSoto Magazine. Pick up DeSoto Magazine at local restaurants, retailers, banks, attractions, medical offices, hair salons and more.

Huge Following:
DeSoto Magazine is an extremely well read and well received publication that flies off the shelves at our distribution points. Readers anticipate its arrival each month, thus creating a draw that keeps consumers coming in to pick up “their” magazine.

Since our readers are typically 30-65 year-old married individuals with an average income of over $75,000, youknow your advertising is getting into the hands of people with purchasing power.

Extra Value:
At DeSoto Magazine we know the importance of stretching your advertising dollars. That’s why we offer fabulous value added programs to our loyal advertisers. Choose a custom designed plan to fit your exclusive advertising needs.

Ad Design:
At DeSoto Magazine, we take immense pride in our product and we want your advertisement to look great too! Through photography and ad design we’ll help you create a dramatic statement in your target market.