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Artful Moments
When an artist begins to dissect a project or thought, I believe that process is inherently tied to space or place. After I read Devin’s piece about the sculptures at Elmwood and hearing the photographer-in-residence’s own perspective, I dwelled more on this idea about how our spaces motivate—or even demotivate.
Art is intrinsic in everything around us. But for the more right-brain viewer, maybe it takes more concrete—literally—objects for connections. As we move through the pages of this art and architecture issue, you’ll discover art in the most unusual of places. Like a rock. Who would have thought painted rocks could galvanize the secret kindnesses of a city? Or at Sky Lake, a Delta swamp north of Belzoni where the largest cypress trees on the planet live right here in Mississippi. Standing next to one can make even the most arrogant feel rather insignificant under nature’s looming architectural canopy.
Andrea spent time in the Hernando, Miss. courthouse where she uncovered the real story behind the murals many of us have passed repeatedly. Read the fascinating story about how these were actually moved there! Who would have thought…
New contributor Warren Johnson introduced us to a fascinating historical story about Auraria, Georgia which is nothing more than a collection of forlorn wooden buildings. But wait until you read his story on page 38. When we drive by these forgotten places, little do many of us realize the large influence of the structures and people. Time moves on while we humans believe we can capture it in a bottle and that our generation is the most significant. How wrong we actually are. It’s only those who protect the past for future generations that hold the real power.
How can I sign off without harassing my favorite preservationist and change maker, Mr. Mickey Howley down in Water Valley? Mickey and his crew of artists, entrpreneurs and young visionaries have transformed downtown Water Valley. He is our Notable. Hats off to all the good work he has led in Mississippi.
Save an artifact or go to a museum. Meanwhile, our pages will record this moment in May.

Until June!