Enjoy your April DeSoto Magazine!

The Joy of Anticipation

Just thinking about your next trip can yield surprising benefits, according to research at the University of British Columbia. Anticipation, says psychologist Elizabeth Dunn, is a valuable source of pleasure and can result in a “happiness reset.” I can certainly believe it after reading the stories in this month’s annual travel issue. All of them gave me hope that vacations would resume for many Americans this summer, albeit with planning and precautions.

​Most people say they will consider trips that offer mostly outdoor activities. I can’t think of anything more outdoorsy than a day on a shrimp trawler off the North Carolina coast. That’s right — you can be a shrimper for a day, learning how to cast nets and then hauling in the scrumptious catch like writer Debi Lander did in her story, “Let’s Go Shrimping.”

​Debi is an excellent photographer because she continually studies the art through workshops. She loves combining photography workshops with her vacations, and she shares her tips for finding the right photo workshops to fit your needs in her feature about picture-perfect vacations.

If you are looking for peace and quiet, the Jekyll Island Club Resort on Georgia’s coast is the perfect destination for relaxation and fun. Once a haven for millionaires like J.P. Morgan and Joseph Pulitzer, Jekyll Island is now a modern-day paradise for everyday folks as I found on a rainy weekend. Read more about this beautiful place in my story “Splendid Isolation.”

Before you head out, though, please read Tom Adkinson’s well-researched article in our Living Well department about traveling after you have had the COVID-19 vaccine. We still have to be careful out there, as Tom reports.

There’s nothing wrong with being happy where you are this year, and the DeSoto team offers several stories that will feed your wanderlust without leaving home. Whatever you choose or wherever you go, please do it with caution and kindness. 

Happy trails,