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Food: The Universal Experience

The late James A. Beard, champion of American cuisine who taught a generation of chefs, believed food is the common ground for people of all cultures. Think about the important occasions in life – they all involve food in some way. As Beard said, food is a universal experience. When we put together our annual culinary issues, we always find people love to talk about food.
It’s hard to pick an iconic dish to represent Southern cuisine, but one choice stood out above others this year: pimento cheese. Most people associate the cheesy spread with the sandwiches they took to elementary school. However, today’s pimento cheese is not your mother’s pimento cheese as writer Pam Windsor found when she went searching for new recipes.
Steakhouses have also evolved from what we remember as kids. The Bonanza franchises have given way to destination dining where ambiance is as important as the food. Mississippi has a wealth of legendary steakhouses where a meal is an experience to remember. Karen Ott Mayer explored the stories behind some of the state’s best-known places to order steaks.
When traveling through a city, it’s always hard to pick just one place to eat. Walking food tours around the South are solving that problem by guiding visitors to several restaurants for a bite at each. It’s a great way to learn about a city and its food culture.
As we kick off the New Year, DeSoto Magazine is excited to welcome P. Allen Smith as a regular contributor. Smith, an author, television host and conservationist, is one of America’s most recognized gardening experts. He will write for DeSoto’s newest department, Southern Roots, about gardening, decorating, and more.
We think you will enjoy this mouth-watering issue, packed full of stories by a talented group of writers.

Happy New Year!
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