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Celebrating Summer

Summer “officially” arrived for me a few days before I wrote this editor’s note. I picked the first figs of 2018 from a tree that hugs the side of my house. It’s not just any old fig tree either. This roof-high, jungle-wide monstrosity began as a cutting — a gift from my late father-in-law who shoved a rather spindly looking stalk into my hands and said “Don’t kill it.” Somehow it survived over the last 12 years and has become the most prolific fruit-bearing tree in our neighborhood. For me, those juicy figs symbolize summer as well as a tenacity to live
and thrive in harsh conditions.
I couldn’t help thinking about my late father-in-law, a World War II veteran, as I read about another member of America’s Greatest Generation, Paul Schumacher of Selmer, Tennessee. Assistant editor Andrea Ross interviewed Schumacher about his participation in this month’s 9th Infantry Division Association’s 73rd annual reunion in Southaven. The reunion will be a great event to honor veterans, but it was Schumacher’s poignant memories that grabbed my attention. He — and men like him — deserve all the celebrations they
can get.
This month, DeSoto Magazine is celebrating summer with several stories to get you into the summertime spirit. Living life on the outside takes on special meaning when you look at some of the new outdoor living spaces. Pam Windsor shares the latest trends in creating outdoor living spaces.
And if you are looking for places to have a cool drink, you may want to check out writer Cheré Coen’s list of historic bars from New Orleans, Louisiana, to Hot Springs, Arkansas.
Wherever your journeys take you this summer – even if it’s just to your own backyard – enjoy the time with family and friends, celebrating how special time together can be.

Happy reading,
Mary Ann