Explore Your July DeSoto Magazine Online

Over the years, I have shared my thoughts dozens of times on this page. And it’s been a privilege. This month, I share with you exciting news—and a change. Like other times in my life, I’ve always known when it’s time to shift gears, and after this memorable, gifted time as editor…it’s time.
It’s with great excitement that I introduce Mary Ann DeSantis, a highly-accomplished writer who will take over the editorial reins. Her talents and portfolio are far too vast for me to divulge here, but you can get to know her at maryanndesantis.com.
Originally from Laurel and with deep Mississippi ties, Mary Ann has both traveled with us and contributed to DeSoto Magazine for many years. She understands us perhaps better than we know ourselves around here. I hope you’ll welcome her as warmly as you have me.
But, Karen, where are you going? Well, not far. Writers know when a writing project pulls or it’s time to return to the desk. So, while I may not be leading the team, you’ll still see me poking around occasionally on these pages which I so love.
Next year, this magazine will celebrate 15 years! Perhaps the only thing better at 15 years is getting a driver’s permit. Since day one when I wrote the first feature, it’s hard to believe that much time has passed until I notice all my gray hair!
Moving ahead, I know Mary Ann, Andrea and the Mitchells will keep the DeSoto tradition alive and well—and growing. This month’s issue seems apropos as it’s all about celebrating: celebrating July 4th, celebrating new places and Mississippi’s 200th anniversary. What are you celebrating? Maybe a long-needed vacation, the kindling of an old friendship or just a quiet afternoon in your favorite place.
With a grateful heart, I’ll end simply by saying thanks. Thanks for every kind compliment spoken, every page turned…and your enduring loyalty to DeSoto. Without all of us, we couldn’t produce the magazine each month. Without you, we wouldn’t be here.

Until we meet again…