Enjoy your February DeSoto Magazine

Healthy Living


   Saluté, Salud, Santé, Sláinte… in every language, there is a word for toasting your health. Being healthy is something we all want, so it is appropriate that well-wishes often include health. This month, the DeSoto Magazine team is also focusing on health and wellness, and we hope our stories will guide you to a healthy and happy year.

   Running is one way many people stay fit, and the most experienced often strive to compete in a marathon. Writer Tom Adkinson looks at one of America’s most surprising places for hosting marathons: Memphis! He also gives tips on how to compete in your first race.

   A vital part of wellness is rest and relaxation, and Michele Baker has found the perfect place for rejuvenation on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. The Centennial Plaza Hotel, once the site of a military hospital, has been totally renovated into a luxurious property that offers a family friendly getaway.

   We couldn’t skip a couple of important February holidays in this issue. Presidents Day on Feb. 17 honors U.S. presidents as do some amazing historical sites. I’ve included several of my favorites in my feature story about presidential museums in the South. You’ll also find ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts in several of our departments, including essential oils, crystals, and original jewelry.

   Being a part of a community is beneficial to health and well-being, and there’s nothing like the support of neighbors during a time of disaster. Folks in our area came together to help each other recover from the destructive tornados that ripped through the area in mid-January. We are thankful for the many residents, first responders, linemen, and businesses that stepped forward to help those who were left without power, homes and belongings. We are proud to be a part of this amazing and caring community.

Here’s to your health!