There's more to explore in the December issue!

Holiday Wishes

Magazine publishing requires thinking about Christmas months in advance. Trying to write December stories when everyone else is still in the throes of fall festivals and football games can be tricky, but our writers met the challenge this month.
An inspiring message comes from Robin Branch’s story about the Salvation Army and the important work it does in the Mid-South. After reading “Ringing in Miracles,” be sure to stop and thank a bell-ringer for volunteering. Adding a dollar or two to the kettle will also go a long way for helping families in need.
I’ve heard about the Natchitoches Christmas Festival all my life. And no wonder – it’s been around 92 years, making it one of the oldest in the country. Louisiana writer Cheré Coen gives us a detailed look at this year’s festival in her home state. And if you are wondering how to pronounce the city’s Native American name, it’s nak’-a-tish.
Many people are shopping online this season, but they are missing out on the joyful experience of getting to know local retailers. Three Mississippi towns are fortunate to have stores that have been around more than 100 years. Writer Michelle Keller profiles Reed’s in Tupelo, Neilson’s in Oxford, and Lott’s in Laurel and learns the recipe for success in the topsy-turvy world of retailing.
If you are looking to get away this holiday season, we have several suggestions with destinations from Arkansas to Georgia. We also have recommendations for books to read, candy to eat, and drinks to make. Of course, it’s hard to beat a stay-at-home Christmas with family and friends where we can quietly celebrate the birth of the Christ child.

Wishing you a blessed Christmas,
Mary Ann