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Adventures in the Outdoors

October has always been my favorite month. Along with the brilliant fall colors, the cool crisp air seems to lift my spirits. I love the outdoors, and I usually “move” my office outside to my back porch. I only wish mine could be as inspirational as the front porch at Rowan Oak in Oxford where William Faulkner wrote.
In this issue, DeSoto Magazine gets adventurous with several outdoor stories, including a look at the National Bird Dog Museum in Grand Junction, Tennessee. We expected to learn about these beautiful sporting dogs, but writer Ann Yungmeyer was especially surprised to see so many beautiful paintings at the museum. We were honored that 18-year-old Brody Herndon shared his painting for our cover.
This past summer saw brutal storms in the South, specifically two of the worst hurricanes in history. Andrea Brown Ross gives us a look inside these disruptive storms and how we can better prepare for them.
If you are looking for a unique adventure to make this fall memorable, writer Debi Lander shares three suggestions that will get your adrenalin flowing. Debi drove a tank and crushed a car at Tank Town USA a few months ago – something that the editors all want to try someday.
We have many more stories in this issue of DeSoto Magazine that explore the great outdoors, including places to eat, a special “campfire” drink, and luxurious places to stay and to hunt.

Happy reading!

Mary Ann

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