Enjoy your January DeSoto Magazine

A Mouth-Watering Issue


    If this issue of DeSoto Magazine doesn’t make you hungry, I don’t know what will. This month we are highlighting Southern cuisine from biscuits and beignets to poke sallet and tamales. That’s right… tamales. People outside the South often don’t realize that tamales, especially those from the Delta, are as much of a Southern dish as cornbread and greens.

    In our cover feature, writer Jason Frye takes us on a culinary tour around the South to explore how several iconic dishes became associated with their locales, like barbecue in Memphis, shrimp and grits in Charleston, and tamales in the Mississippi Delta. You’ll definitely want to plan a food road trip after reading his feature story.

    Biscuits are ubiquitous throughout the South as writer Verna Gates tells us in her story, “Butter Up for Biscuits.” She also gives us some tried-and-true hints for making the best biscuits – just like our grandmothers made.

    Festivals celebrating food are scheduled year-round in Mississippi, and writer Jackie Sheckler Finch provides a round-up of festivals you won’t want to miss in 2020. Another road trip focusing on this state’s eclectic food culture might be in order after reading Jackie’s story.

    Our new assistant editor Cheré Coen takes us to her home state of Louisiana for a visit to an unusual destination: the Southern Food & Beverage Museum in New Orleans. This combination museum, demonstration kitchen, and on-site restaurant offers a taste of culinary history along with classes, delicious food, and great cocktails.

And once you finish reading the print edition, be sure to visit the DeSoto Magazine website for several recipes mentioned in the stories. You’ll be glad you made this food journey with us.

Happy New Year… and Eating!