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Green & Growing

The azalea is known as the “thinking-of-home bush” in Chinese culture. That is certainly the case for me because my childhood home in Laurel, Mississippi, was surrounded with native azalea bushes. Whenever I see the vivid colors of azaleas, especially the hot pink ones, I remember how those flowering shrubs beautified not only my mother’s yard, but the entire neighborhood. Azaleas truly are the South’s native flower, and you’ll read why in my feature story about Callaway Resort
and Gardens in Pine Mountain, Georgia.
All those blooming azaleas signify one thing: spring is here! And it’s time to plan spring break getaways. Karon Warren takes us to several family friendly destinations, both near and far, in her feature “Countdown to Spring Break.”
Growing edible mushrooms is a gardening venture that has blossomed into a business for the Happy Valley Mushroom Farm. Writer Verna Gates explores how a Mississippi biologist has cultivated high quality mushrooms and developed great recipes. Be sure to try Brian Mitchell’s recipe for Lion’s Mane Mushroom Pasta and let us know how you like it.
Ideas bloomed easily this month for DeSoto Magazine. We have floral cocktails in our In Good Spirits department and a guide about gardening in the South in our Exploring Books section. There are also a few non-gardening stories we think you’ll like as well.
We hope this issue dedicated to all things growing (and blooming) will inspire you to put on your gardening gloves and play in the dirt this month.

Happy reading!
Mary Ann