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Healthy Living

Most of us are starting to get weary of our New Year’s resolutions to exercise more by going to gyms or doing morning calisthenics. The best exercise usually involves finding something you love that doesn’t seem like exercise. For me, that includes bicycling and I was delighted to read more about the Rails-to-Trails pathways that crisscross the South. Cycling enthusiast and writer Ann Yungmeyer examines the history of these unique routes and offers a glimpse of the South’s best trails in her story “Riding the Rails to Good Health.”
It’s not too early to plan to attend one of Mississippi’s spring pilgrimages. Karen Ott Mayer looks at these annual traditions in cities around the state from the Gulf Coast to Natchez to north Mississippi. In the past, pilgrimages focused only on the Old South’s grandeur, but today’s tours often include the stories of the people who built, ran and worked the properties. As Karen states in her story, today’s pilgrimages open more than just doors to homes – they open doors to knowledge and hope.
One of those places that has brought slave life to light is the Whitney Plantation in Wallace, Louisiana. Whitney is the first plantation museum in Louisiana – and one of the few in this country – to focus exclusively on the lives of the slaves. Writer Debi Lander’s exquisite photographs in “The Children of Whitney Plantation” will touch the hearts of readers, who may want to visit and hear these children’s stories through the art and oral histories at this historic estate.
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