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Giving Back

This past year has been fraught with highs and lows for many of us. To climb out of those low valleys, it helps to give thanks for the good times and to give back to the communities and people who need our help. Each November, DeSoto Magazine strives to recognize people and organizations that do just that.
We begin with Robin Branch’s story about three local nonprofit organizations that are creating opportunities for special needs children to have memorable outdoor experiences – activities that can change their young lives.
A new company called Lobaki, which started in Clarksdale and recently moved to Jackson, is giving hope to Mississippi’s young people by training them for high-tech jobs. Karen Ott Mayer’s first- person experience with virtual reality presents a picture as to why this technology is so exciting.
My feature about Stetson Mansion may seem like just another holiday story, but actually it’s a peek into the life of legendary hatmaker John B. Stetson, an American manufacturer well known for his philanthropy. His legacy continues with the current owners of his Victorian mansion who invite the public to celebrate the holidays with the annual “Stetson Mansion Christmas Spectacular!”
Writer Charlene Oldham tells about the craftmanship from the Men of Refuge, who are learning new skills to better themselves. Karon Warren interviewed Hattiesburg’s Robert St. John, a notable restauranteur who launched Extra Table, a nonprofit that supplies food to those in need.
All of us at DeSoto Magazine are thankful for you. We are truly blessed to have such an amazing community of readers and advertisers.

Happy Thanksgiving,
Mary Ann