AUGUST 2018. Celebrating our 15th year! Exploring and celebrating the best of life in the South.
The Legacy Lives On

Johnny Cash Remembered

A Musical Tapestry

Mississippi’s Music Museums

Birmingham’s Eclectic Beat

Music in the Magic City

Stories to Explore.

Music and Educational Success

Samantha Pauly

Clarksdale’s Delta Bohemian Tours

Don’t Stop Believin’ by Jonathan Cain

Michael Maness: A Colorful Perspective

TriBecca Café in Sardis

Songs for Every Situation

Vintage Sounds

Whiski-Tiki for Hot Days

Teal Hunting

The New King(fish) of Blues

Explore what's happening in the South.

There's more to explore in the August issue.

The painting of Johnny Cash on the cover was done Richard Day, a British artist with a passion for music.
You can find his work at or via Instagram at richarddaystudio.

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