January 2021

Exploring & celebrating the best of life in the South.

Stories to Explore

Living Well

Jones Valley Teaching Farm


Trace Barnett, The Bitter Socialite

Exploring Art

The Magnolia Flag

Exploring Books

Red Truck Bakery Cookbook

Southern Roots


Table Talk

Bazar’s Bakery

Exploring Destinations

The Andouille Trail


Tom’s Tiny Kitchen

Southern Gentleman

Whiskey at Its Best

Southern Harmony

Magnolia Bayou

In Good Spirits

Covid Killer

Exploring Events

Explore what’s happening in the South

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The passion for barbecue runs deep in the South, one of this region’s most iconic foods. No matter what your favorite style of barbecue is, you won’t go wrong with a slab of ribs from your favorite ‘cue joint.

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