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By Cheré Coen  |  Photography courtesy of Kristyn Key and Adam Mitchell

   The science may not be exact but crystals and orgonite are helping Kristyn Key’s customers find healing and calming benefits.

   Kristyn Key was only three classes shy of a degree in graphic arts when she realized where her true passion lie.

   “I told my teacher I was going to make something that people wanted and she said, ‘O-kay,’” Key remembers with a laugh.

   She began the online business, which offered her artwork as downloads to customers. But then she visited a metaphysical store in her hometown of Memphis and asked the owners if they carried orgonite products, objects consisting of resin, metal shavings, and quartz that are believed to convert negative energy into positive. The owner said they didn’t, so Key offered to bring in some to sell.

   “I took the only $500 I had at the time and bought the material I needed,” she recalls. “I made a huge shift and started making orgonite and it took off. It really took a life of its own in the best way possible.”

   Orgonite has been used as a spiritual tool to deflect negative energy into positive. Many people use orgonite products on cell phones, for instance, to disrupt negative energy produced from the phone’s radiation. Key’s orgonite cell phone backings are her number one product.

   “It transforms the energy,” Key explains. “People who have bought from me and who experience orgonite keep coming back.”

   Her online stores became successful and she’s sold orgonite to celebrities such as Will Smith, so it seemed only natural to open a storefront. The result was Lucky Luna metaphysical store in Hernando, Miss., where Key sells a wide variety of crystals, gemstones, jewelry, and other items. Key is also close to receiving her certification in crystal healing so she plans to offer those services as well.

   Crystal healing is not an exact science, but those like Key who study and use crystals in healing credit the stones’ unique frequencies. Energy produced by crystals may be used to enhance a person’s vibrations, Key explains, and if those vibrations turn positive, work towards that person’s healing. And for those who doubt a rock can give off frequencies, quartz crystals have been used as oscillators for decades in cell phones, radios, and watches.

   For example, rose quartz has been known to promote a love of self and a love for others, Key says. “It’s calming because it’s associated with love and it’s also tuned to the heart chakra.”

   Fluorite helps eliminate anxiety and improve concentration and spirituality, Key insists, while black tourmaline, associated with the root chakra at a person’s backbone, helps with grounding. “I recommend black tourmaline for pulling them down to earth.”

   Key also recommends utilizing crystals to bring specific energy into your life. “Quartz is an amplifier. When you put intentions into quartz, you amplify your intentions.”

   There’s no wrong way to use crystals, she adds, but the benefits come with contact.

   “I have crystals everywhere, in my pillows, in my backpack, in my bathtub,” Key says. “You really want to have them on you to reap the benefits.”

   Most people wear crystals as jewelry but some slip them into pockets, not to mention some very unusual places.

   “I’ve had some women come in and pull some pebbles out of their bra,” Key says with a laugh.

   Key acquires her stones at trade shows and from wholesalers although, like her customers, she prefers holding the products in her hands before purchasing. Lucky Luna also sells herbs such as sage, which is burned to cleanse homes, businesses, and other personal spaces. Key smudges the store once a week with sage to eliminate other people’s energies and to clear the air of possible bacteria.

   “Herbs go well with crystals because they all have high frequencies and herbs have medicinal properties,” Key says.

   The store on Center Street, one block off Hernando’s East Commerce Street, is small but inviting and Key and her associates are eager to help with purchases and explain what different crystals represent.

   “Some people are intimidated by shops like mine,” Key says. “I knew they needed a lighter space that didn’t intimidate them. I try to be more of an introduction to crystals.”

   Future plans for Lucky Luna include essential oils and bath products. Key’s orgonite products continue to be sold on her website and through an Etsy store, but she hopes to have a website for Lucky Luna to allow online purchases of her crystals as well.

   Once Key receives her crystal healing certification, she hopes to be offering crystal healing sessions. She’s able to perform sessions long-distance but hopes to find a space large enough for in-store sessions.

   Key’s crystal healing certification is a long time coming, she says. People were always telling Key she should become a healer, but it wasn’t until 2012 when she started her business and walked into that Memphis store that she realized her path.

   “I guess I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing,” she says. “I definitely feel like it’s my life’s calling.”

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