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Toasted S’more Martini

By Charlene Oldham | Photography courtesy of Hungry Couple

S’mores take on a decidedly delicious adult twist in this martini recipe inspired by the gooey campfire confection.
The Toasted S’More Martini recipe developed by Becky Hardin, a writer and photographer who owns The Cookie Rookie blog, uses fluffed marshmallow-flavored vodka. Other versions feature vanilla-flavored or whipped cream-flavored vodka. For instance, the s’mores martini offered by the Bar Louie chain of restaurants pairs vanilla vodka with toasted marshmallow syrup, which can be cooked up at home or purchased online, to mimic the toastiness of a campfire-cooked marshmallow.
To achieve the layered look for her Toasted S’more Martini, Hardin pours the chocolate liqueur slowly over the back of a spoon into a glass, then repeats the process with the mixture of marshmallow vodka and heavy cream.
“We love to shake each layer with ice in a shaker before pouring to make sure the martini is ice cold,” Hardin said. “It’s really pretty in layers, but even more delicious stirred up. You can broil the marshmallows in bulk for easy prep, or light them on fire atop each drink as a fun party trick.”
Her original recipe also recommends slightly pre-roasting the marshmallows if you plan to light them later. The mixture, when halved, can also be paired with mini marshmallows and served as a dainty, sweet shot, although Hardin prefers the toasty taste of the original recipe provided below.
Whether guests like the look of layers or would rather stir things up a bit, these sweet martinis will help turn any campfire into a cocktail party.

Toasted S’more Martini

1 ounce Dark Chocolate or Milk Chocolate Godiva Liqueur
1/2 ounce fluffed marshmallow vodka
1/2 ounce heavy cream
Chocolate syrup and crushed graham cracker for the rim
Marshmallows as garnish
Small bamboo sticks

Dip the rim of each glass in the chocolate syrup and then in the crushed graham cracker. (If desired, shake each of the following layers over ice in a cocktail shaker before pouring.) Pour the chocolate liqueur as slowly as possible over an upside down spoon into a glass. Mix together the heavy cream and marshmallow vodka in a separate container. Pour the vodka mixture as slowly as possible over an upside down spoon into the same glass to achieve the layered look. Place the marshmallow on the bamboo stick as a skewer.

From Becky Hardin, The Cookie Rookie (

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