Blending Fashion and Farming

By Kathryn Winter | Photography courtrsy of Ashley Jones, Turnrows Apparel

A love of fashion and farming led three best friends to create a unique company with a distinctly Southern flair.
Growing up best friends, Ashley Jones, Dena Rees and Angie Fischbacher dreamed about starting a boutique together with a casual feel. The Jonesboro, Arkansas, women wanted to blend their loves: fashion and farming.
All had grown up in a farming community and had hung out on turn rows — the places where farmers turn their tractors at the end of furrows.
As Jones, Rees, and Fischbacher brainstormed a name for their boutique, they realized Turnrows was unique and something they had in common. It was also relatable to other farm wives. As they started printing shirts with sayings like “Rice Country,” and “Farmer’s Wife,” they quickly realized they had a market for that type of shirt. Designs are inspired by farmers, hunters, fishermen, Southern guys and girls.
“As soon as we would make them, we would sell out. Now 200 stores carry our brand. Mississippi is the second biggest state to carry Turnrows. The shirts caught on very quickly there,” Jones said.
While the boutique is separate from Turnrows Apparel, the t-shirts are still sold in the Arkansas store as well as online at turnrows.com. It became a separate venture among partners because they didn’t have enough time to focus solely on the store.
Jones said every season they try to offer specific farming designs that reflect hunting or fishing or something patriotic to reach a broader market.
“We try to incorporate designs specific to freshly plowed fields, big trucks, bonfires, tailgate parties and more – anything that reminds you of the Southern country lifestyle,” said Jones. “Our brand applies to anyone in agriculture, agricultural business, crop dusters, feed reps, even someone who has a few chickens. We have all types of customers.”
Jones wants women and men to feel comfortable shopping at Turnrows. “Our atmosphere is very relaxed. We welcome all men, women, and children to come in and shop for their favorite tee and maybe find something on the boutique side to go with it.”
One of their most popular styles is the “Love My Farmer” t-shirt. Turnrows started with a plan to give everyone who enjoys and appreciates the true meaning of farming culture a way to represent that feeling through clothing.

“We want to be able to dress men, women, and children and are expanding our clothing selection into other trendy areas like vests, pullovers, fleece options, pants and button-down shirts,” said Jones. “Turnrows strives to provide quality clothing that farmers can work in or wear out with friends and family. For the ladies, we provide a comfortable and casual look focused around the country lifestyle. We want you to be able to shop for a variety of stylish apparel on our site.”
Turnrows also has a college ambassador program where students promote the Turnrows brand on campuses. Duties include bringing Turnrows to a campus through one creative event each semester and posting on social media regularly, along with pictures of students wearing Turnrows apparel. Ambassadors also share discount codes for the website.
“The Turnrows college ambassador program requires students to host a minimum of one event per semester to promote the brand whether that is through a table in the student union or a rally with giveaways,” said Jones.
The company encourages student ambassadors to host creative events, post photos and send an event recap. Students can apply for the ambassador program on the company’s website. The ambassador program is extremely successful among agricultural colleges, according to Jones. Turnrows products can be found in hunting and archery boutiques, as well as some Dillard’s stores. The Bunker in Hernando, Reed’s in Tupelo and Oxford Farm and Ranch also carry Turnrows products. Kinnucan’s also picked up the shirts to sell in their stores this fall.
“We’re growing! Slowly, but surely. Fall is going to be amazing,” added Jones, who plans to expand online sales and spread the Turnrows brand across the U.S.
They have added several new products this season, including men’s shirts and outerwear like vests and jackets. Outerwear for ladies is also available as well as trendy raglan tees, hats and visors. Prices range from $10 for children’s t-shirts to $34 for an adult long sleeve tee. Most adult short sleeve tees are $28 to $30.

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