Scents for All Seasons

By Heather Gausline Tate  |  Photography courtesy of Keely Davis and Christie Whittington

   Fashion meets fragrance in these Mississippi-made candles that are perfect holiday gifts.

    Pumpkin, velvety vanilla, firesides, and fresh pines are all scents often associated with the holiday season and with fragrances found in the Mississippi candle company Capri-Blue.

    Originally known as DPM (Desire Path Mississippi) Fragrance, Capri-Blue Candles began in Starkville, Mississippi, in 1999. All of the candles are locally hand-poured and use only top-quality oils and soy wax. The carefully crafted scents themselves, including pomegranate, smoky tobacco, hibiscus, jasmine, guava, and patchouli, would be enough to lure customers; however, their aesthetics are as attractive as their aroma.

    The company’s mantra is “Where Fashion Meets Fragrance,” and for 20 years the anything-but-ordinary vessels make ideal gifts year-round for a variety of occasions whether for birthdays, showers, or Christmas gifts. With a range of stylish colors and patterns, the candles become eye-catching centerpieces of jewel tones, silver, gold, and glitter… and there’s lots of glitter this holiday season.

    Capri-Blue Candles create ambiance through their signature scents and their newest ones, such as Havana Vanilla: a fantastic, rich vanilla fragrance that blends a smoky tobacco with sandalwood and bergamot. The right candle sets the desired mood, and these candles are engulfed with personality.

    The original Capri-Blue Candle store is the corporate store in Starkville called Curio, open seven days a week. This flagship store on Starkville’s Main Street boasts the largest variety of Capri-Blue products. Expanding from candles, the company now offers an assortment of fragrant products from diffusers and room sprays to a new bath and body line, which includes hand lotions and creams, hand and body wash, lip balms, bath bombs, perfume, bar soap, sugar scrub, and dry oil spray.

    Christie Whittington, the Capri-Blue’s territory manager for Mississippi and West Tennessee for the past 11 years, services over 400 stores in her district that carry these trend-setting candles. Whittington is passionate about these luxurious candles and the local businesses which offer them.

    “With so many locally owned businesses that carry Capri-Blue Candles, it will be no problem for shoppers to find them in their own downtowns through Mississippi,” says Whittington.

    Tupelo is home to several stores that carry Capri-Blue products, including well-known Reed’s and Keep It Casual. New Albany hosts Southern Traditions, a boutique in the bustling downtown owned by Bobby and Darlene Williams, and Corner Gifts in Booneville both offer a wide selection of Capri-Blue products.

    Another local Mississippi boutique that proudly carries Capri-Blue Candles is Paisley Pineapple, located on Goodman Road in Olive Branch, Mississippi. Owner Keely Davis focuses on locally made items such as pottery, jewelry, handmade frames, and candles in addition to clothing, accessories, and entertainment pieces.

   “Holiday shoppers throughout Memphis, Germantown, Collierville, and the surrounding areas come to my store to take advantage of the wide range of gifts and complimentary gift wrapping,” says Davis.

    In her 12 years of owning Paisley Pineapple, Davis has carried Capri-Blue candles for the past eight years. “The scent that my customers keep requesting more of is Volcano, which is Capri-Blue’s lead seller,” she says.

    This addictive scent of infused tropical fruits and sugared citrus has been around since Capri-Blue began.

    The candles come in multiple sizes as well as styles of vessels. Candle prices at Paisley Pineapple range from $9-$42, depending on the size and the vessel. Sizes range from 2-ounce travel tins to 8-to-48-ounce candles in the holiday lines and the everyday lines, which feature the signature cobalt blue containers. Because Capri-Blue feels like its fragrances are as versatile as its consumers, the same fragrance can be found in multiple types of containers from elegant to everyday.

    Situated among local pottery brands, the glittery vessels of Capri-Blue Candles shine brightly throughout Davis’ 2,000 square-foot store. The holiday line of candles means not only innovative fragrances like Frosted Fireside and Pumpkin Dulce, but also holiday vessels dressed in champagne glitter and copper. Alpine Juniper comes in a green glitter glass for the holiday season, while Crystal Pine is presented in a gorgeous gold and silver ombre glass vessel. And even the ever-so-popular Volcano, which can be found in every season, receives a holiday makeover with a ruby slipper red glitter glass.

   With vessels as lovely as these it seems a shame to throw them away after using, which is why they were designed to become permanent fixtures.

   “The purpose of the vessel is to be reusable after the candle has been burned,” explains Whittington.

    Capri-Blue offers four easy steps for reusing their decorative vessels after the candles have been burned to the last drop.
1. Freeze the candle overnight to harden any remaining wax.

2. Chip away any remaining wax the next day.

3. Hand wash the vessel.

4. Repurpose into a container, cactus planter, or jewelry box.

    Both stylish and reusable, these candles are the perfect Christmas presents this holiday season.


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